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Mature content
The Queen Servant :iconmickael5730:Mickael5730 3 4
Mature content
Fart Stories: Bridgette Blue (Army Men) :icontitan820:Titan820 5 7
Mature content
Queen's Gate- Spiral Chaos :iconslyboyseth:slyboyseth 106 12
Fart Story: Birdo (Mario)
Roy wandered around in an open field, when he eventually found himself at some kind of ruin. There was a huge mask thing at the end of a stone walkway. He scratches his head, confused when he notices a ring on the ground. It had a massive diamond on it!
He smirks as he picks it up. “Look at the size of that thing! I’m gonna be rich!”
As he held up the ring, Birdo came around a corner. She ran up to him and trapped him in a massive bear hug. Roy tried to break free, but she was surprisingly strong.
“Oh, my hero!” She says happily. “I’ve been looking for that ring for ages! Should’ve known I left it here!” She turns him around to face her and flutters her eyelashes. “A cutie like you deserves a reward.”
Roy sweats nervously. “A-actually-” He was cut off when Birdo shoves him to the ground and plants her smooth, beautiful ass on his face and rips a fart.
:iconsissyfairy:SissyFairy 24 6
Mature content
Farting Diaries: Big Hero 6 Girls :iconiloveskyrim1:Iloveskyrim1 6 1
Mature content
Farting Diaries: GoGo Tomago :iconiloveskyrim1:Iloveskyrim1 5 1
Mature content
Farting Diaries: Aunt Cass :iconiloveskyrim1:Iloveskyrim1 2 1
Mature content
Shiny M-Gengar amie :iconaboynamedcandy:aboynamedcandy 172 12
Mature content
Blowing Off Steam :iconanonymous-pink-bunny:Anonymous-Pink-Bunny 35 8
Mature content
SBDMA Chapter 1 Part 1 Intro in Sponegland :iconsponeg:Sponeg 2 27
Austin Masters (Me + Ken Masters)
Troy Matsuda (Titan820 + Sean Matsuda)
Tracemuth (Tracer + Bismuth)
Garyu (Garnet + Ryu)
Steven Hibiki (Steven Universe + Dan Hibiki)
Rainbow Jasper (Rainbow Mika + Jasper)
Connie Matsuda (Connie + Laura Matsuda)
Amegief (Amethyst + Zangief)
Pearlimitsu (Pearl + Yoshimitsu)
Smiley Irvin (Smiley + Bruce Irvin)
Tiger Millionaire (Lion + King)
Mary Bubblegum (Princess Bubblegum + Mary Ivonskaya)
Greg Richards (Greg Universe + Bob Richards)
Juridot (Juri Han + Peridot)
Felicia Miller (Sadie Miller + Felicia the Cat)
Chunyanka Li (Chun Li + Priyanka Maheswaran)
Marceline Aensland (Morrigan Aensland + Marceline Abadeer)
The Pumpkin King
Bendy (And his Ink Mech!)
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